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The Texas Military Forces Foundation is actively recruiting individual and group volunteers to support the operations of the Texas Military Forces Museum. The daily operation of the Museum and virtually all of our events require volunteers to be successful. Volunteer opportunities can range from manpower and support roles to positions which require training and a time commitment of several hours per week/month. We need you!

To learn more or volunteer, complete the volunteer form (below) or email badams@tmfhf.com. Once we receive your volunteer form, we will schedule a brief contact with you to discuss your specific areas of interest and to ensure your understanding of the time commitment and needs.


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Guest Services/Interpretive Volunteers

Guest Services/Interpretive volunteers must undertake training on the systems and operations of the museum’s registration and retail operations, as well as training related to the history and artifacts presented at the Museum. Volunteers must prove competency in presenting tours to Museum staff prior to being allowed to present as a guide.

Greeter/Front Desk Volunteer: You will welcome guests at the Museum entrance, provide facility orientation, answer phones and questions, and assist guests during their time at the Museum. You will also provide retail sales support for the Museum Gift Shop, which is operated by the Texas Military Forces Historical Foundation. (These volunteers typically work a minimum of four (4) hours per week, Tuesday to Sunday during open hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m..)

Gallery Attendants: You will help monitor galleries and keep them clean while providing additional information to guests and maintaining security of collection and exhibits. Gallery attendants also ensure that no food and drink is brought into the galleries and that visitors are not climbing on vehicles/artifacts, etc… (Primarily needed during special events.)

Tour Guide: You will facilitate learning experiences for school and tour groups and assist with other outreach opportunities, including special member events. Training and preparation requires a working with other volunteers to learn the material. The volunteers and staff will work with you on a workable schedule for as much or as little time as you can commit.

Administrative/Cataloging Volunteer:

Administrative Volunteer: You will assist with projects and tasks in the administrative offices of the Museum and at in-office functions as needed. These tasks may include assisting in fundraising, marketing, volunteer planning and coordination, mailing, filing, etc. Volunteers can work at anytime, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cataloging/Archive/Research Assistant Volunteer: As a archive/research volunteer your job is to assist the Texas Military Forces Museum staff and Interns in their efforts to catalog artifacts or archival material associated with the Museum and Foundation’s efforts to preserve and tell the story of the Texas Military Forces. Most of the research tasks are performed at the Museum,  others can be completed from home with internet access. Preferably, candidates for these volunteer roles should have some academic training or related experience in disciplines associated with historical research or a willingness and interest in history and a desire to see the project through; provide their own transportation to other sites as needed; and commit a minimum of three (3) hours to fifteen (15) hours per week. Volunteer are needed anytime between the hours of 8 a.m.to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday,

Exhibits: Building and maintaining exhibits is critical to the preservation and presentation of artifacts and telling the story of the Texas Military Forces. These volunteers roles are under the direction of the Deputy Director for Exhibits at the Museum and may require specific skill sets such as building and construction knowledge, painting, lighting/electrical skills, and/or framing and mounting.


Special Event Volunteer: Opportunities will be assigned on an “as needed basis” by the executive director or event chairpersons for a wide variety of events and activities. Events may be scheduled during weekends, evenings, or holidays. Assistance can include both indoors and outdoors tasks,  depending on need. Group volunteer opportunities are available.

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